Hitachi dc10-c10-116 tv

Created with Cinema4D (Corona Renderer) and After Effects

What is this?

I have a small book of 1990s Japanese magazine ads of electronics. This TV on wheels caught my eye and I thought this would be a good hard-surface modeling exercise.

There was very little information on this TV. It's a portable TV powered by battery. The wheels are just to demonstrate its portability—Tires not included. The original ad also listed the price as 84,000 JPY which is around $650 USD!

I collected as many reference pictures online as I could, which isn't a lot.


The Driver

I really liked the driver in the TV in one of the ads. She looks like she was having fun.

I separated the layers in Photoshop and animated her to bounce with the TV. I then imported this into C4D to texture the screen.



Closed for work.

Open to low/no-rate work with small and local (Toronto) businesses and social initiatives that are anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ+, feminist, and BIPOC-operated. Always open to your questions and curiosities.

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