Rhythm Of Toronto

When in doubt, more sound effects.

What is the Rhythm?

It's Year 1 of Covid Pandemic and I so badly miss the restaurants, shopping, cafes, galleries, and hanging out that Toronto gave me every week.

The AE plugin FLOW launches, and I needed an excuse to use it.


CN Tower, people watching, patio breweries, and fighting game tournaments.


The airshow I despise, art galleries, consignment stores, and independent cafes.


Cheap AYCE KBBQ, Bubble Tea, and just walking into random open shops.


I once had a project of personifying local Toronto stereotypes with traditional Canadian animals. I repurposed this for the "Friends of Toronto" frame. A Toronto vs Canadian identity project I had.

Toronto also has a pretty decent fighting game scene so I also repurposed an old illustration of Akuma from Street Fighter I had made.



Closed for work.

Open to low/no-rate work with small and local (Toronto) businesses and social initiatives that are anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ+, feminist, and BIPOC-operated. Always open to your questions and curiosities.

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