AAPI Safety Lanyards


To combat the rise of Anti-Asian racism across North America in 2020, Sunny Chén, Vicki Tan, and Zoe Xu started an open-sourced intiative to distribute safety lanyards to AAPI elderly. Read more about this amazing initiative on the official siteX.


3D Design + Video


I worked with the team to create 3D visuals (modeled, rendered, and animated) to use across marketing, promotion, and on the website.


Sunny ChénX(AD, Co-Creator)
Vicki TanX(Co-Creator)
Ryan MatherX (Dev)
+ MoreX


Blender (Eevee Renderer)

My Thoughts

The past two months as of writing this (Apr 2021) have been really hard on my mental health due to the amount of anti-Asian violence across NA. I started on this project before a devastating hate crime hit the news, and working through it, wanted to put as much as I could towards this project using the skills and software I had access to.

I'm humbled and proud to be any part of this amazing initative. 


Closed for work but open to chat, especially with:
Small and local businesses, creatives and communities that are anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ+, feminist, and BIPOC-operated, organizations doing social good, students of any age with questions about anything (if I don't have your answer, I'll help you find it), and especially nerds (that extremely niche obsession of yours counts too).

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