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Medal of Honor is a franchise with a cinematic legacy. Their new VR title, Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond, needed a launch site that lived up to its name. Jam3 built a fly-through experience exploring the WWII French Resistance in a painted world, calling back to the tactile roots of Medal of Honor.


UI Motion Design


I worked with a team in bringing interactive elements into motion, highlighting the design’s tactility and texture. The motion is inspired from rummaging through old documents, with plenty of details that channeled a skeumorphic aesthetic.

TEAM (Jam3)

Dense details without over-animating

To emphasize our skeumorphic approach, small but abundant details like photos developing or bleeding fingerprints were key. However, we needed to decide which effects to prioritize to keep us from investing all of our development time into animations that can risk being over-animated. A mix of less-flashy text entrances and CSS effects allowed us to call to tactility without being overwhelming.

Mixing skeumorphism into modern web

Button states and page transitions received the same considerations as design elements, balancing between a literal representation of elements and a user’s familiarity with digital hover-state standards. For example, our main page transition treated elements like sheets of paper being moved, but we kept the animation sharp and snappy like a typical page swipe transition.


Closed for work.

Open to low/no-rate work with small and local (Toronto) businesses and social initiatives that are anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ+, feminist, and BIPOC-operated. Always open to your questions and curiosities.

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