Kiki's Bakery

Created with Adobe Illustrator, Blender (Eevee), and Adobe After Effects

The 3D Work

I had initially made the scene in C4D to learn the software for work. A year later, after developing my Blender skills, I had imported, relit, and animated the entire thing in Blender.

The Title

A calligraphic title wasn't something I had attempted before, but thought it'd give the 3D work a sense of purpose and goal.


These are videos made for Instagram Stories which outline my process in building the 3d scene and the title card. I hope this look into my process helps!


Closed for work.

Open to low/no-rate work with small and local (Toronto) businesses and social initiatives that are anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ+, feminist, and BIPOC-operated. Always open to your questions and curiosities.

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